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Yo, It's Holly & Tabitha's Hip Hop Don't Stop Lockdown House Party Mixtape

In late 2019, I bought Bob Stanley's fantastic compilation on Ace Records, "The Daisy Age".  I played it in the car, with the kids, and they really got into "Bonita Applebum", because it allowed them to say "bum" a lot.  They also loved "Mistadobalina" for it's repetition.  This was good news to me, as a fan of the genre.  This year, they've been watching the Disney remake of "Aladdin" a lot, and really like the genie, played by Will Smith.  I told them that he's also a rapper, played them "Boom! Shake The Room" and they loved it.  I thought let's try Whistle's "(Nothing Serious) Just Buggin" and they LOVED it.  So I put together a mixtape of hip hop tunes I've loved that I thought might appeal to kids as a introduction to the genre.  Yes, some (a lot) of it's pretty cheesy, but we've all got to start somewhere, right...

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