Lower Corruption & Pies presents lcp soundsystem and The Pie Chart, ran by music curator, passer on-er, and fanboy, Matt Dixon

Why am I doing this?

First of all, I misread my good friend Philip's Instagram page (here).

Secondly, this:

Then there's also this band.

Then I read this from my other good friend Darren (who runs Motive Unknown) on Medium, which, among other things, made me think that just doing something not related to work or family might not be a bad idea.

I also wanted to do something to go back to the days a looooong time ago when I used to make more of an effort to pass on pieces of music that I'd listened to and loved.

My day job is this - www.band2market.com

You may also recognise me from this video, or in the credits for this compilation which I curated and oversaw a few years ago, or these end credits to a film about Frank Sidebottom:

I will do my best not to include songs in The Pie Chart by acts that I'm working with, although I reserve the right to break that rule if it's an act I've been in love with since my formative years and have an obsession with, should I be lucky enough for that to happen.

I do also still love albums and have a page for my favourite albums of the year so far, which you can see at the top of this page.

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