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My mate Jeff and I wanted to start a club night.  The ONLY premise for it was music that you can dance to.  We were going to call it “Pinky Blue” after Jeff mentioned he’d been to see Altered Images recently and they’d played it.  That song title stuck out as being an apt name.  Colourful, vibrant, new, old, big, bold, simple.  Like the artwork was for the single. 


Then it struck me that there seemed to be a direct correlation between that artwork and the first De La Soul album campaign.  Maybe only in my head, but nevertheless. 


Then, between the two, ABC’s “Zillionaire” phase, which we both adored. 


Also, Deee-lite’s “World Clique” campaign, where EVERYTHING was perfect. 


I was also reminded of The DFA Remixes albums and the photos of James and Tim on the front, plus the label’s legendary lightning bolt logo.  Jeff and I took some hilariously moody black and white photos of ourselves to mimic those guys, but something wasn’t quite right.  We needed to be more colourful to fit in with the dayglorama of all of the other influences. 


So here we are. 


Updated every Friday, in time for the weekend, a 23 track playlist, which always begins with “Music That You Can Dance To” and ends on “Pinky Blue” with Hiem’s “Clubscene popscene” somewhere the middle as that track jumped out at us with it’s title, which also seemed like an apt fit. 


So here we go…some music that you can dance to, because that and that alone is enough…


...with thanks to the following for inspiration...

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